Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Our Objectives

Parallel World demands that our planet should not be destroyed by the military industrial complex. We are committed to its non violent overthrow and replacement.

Our planet faces an ecological catastrophe through climate change that no one will escape. We have by far exceeded the safe levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, yet we remain wedded to a political, economic, and social system that is based on the impossibility of continuous growth.

The key beneficiary of this perverse system is the military industrial complex which spans the world. Its power acts to prevent any solution to climate change and locks us all in a race to the bottom.

Despite their false claims, world security will not be achieved by a renewed arms races. It can only be achieved by all nations recognising and working towards a common goal. That common goal is the preservation of our environment for future generations.

We all need to fight back. To quote the great man, Martin Luther King, "We either live together as brothers, or die together as fools."

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